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Qi Energy offers a range of solar solutions that harnesses the power of the sun using the latest CIGS solar technology. Copper indium gallium selenide solar cells (CIGS) is the latest generation of thin-film solar cell technology. Unlike polycrystalline cell technology CIGS is thin, light, flexible and extremely robust. We also offer locally designed and manufactured solar mounting systems for traditional PV installations and micro wind turbines.

1 BIPV roof and wall systems

Qi energy specializes in providing a wide range of roof and wall cladding solutions that incorporate CIGS cell technology into the fabric of the building. Modern thin film technology delivers comparable efficiency rates to traditional polycrystalline solutions without the bulk and fragility allowing architects to play with free flowing structures rather than be constrained by rigid solar installations. Along with being light, efficient and robust CIGS cells are flexible enough that they can be curved and twisted to suit the demands of modern architecture.

2 CIGS Car ports

Along with integrating CIGS cells into building architecture Qi also offers a range of car park shading solutions using thin film technology. Using the robust and lightweight properties of CIGS cells the Qi Solar car ports allow clients to utilize wide expanses of shaded areas as generation tools for charging of electric vehicles or feeding back into the grid. The use of PV in car ports is a growing market in the GCC however many solutions require heavy, bulky structures to support the more traditional polycrystalline solutions. Qi solar car ports are light weight, architecturally free and above all else efficient

3 MIPV Kits

The use of thin film solar in mobile applications is not new however efficiencies of traditional cells never made it commercially viable. Equally, more efficient polycrystalline technologies were fragile and difficult to curve to the shape and form of mobile applications. For the first time in the region Qi’s range of CIGS cells can now be supplied in kit form for domestic applications to all manner of recreational vehicles. Kist are supplied in various formats with all required cables and invertors to suit your needs, we also offer an installation service for customers.

4 Solar mounting systems

With the growing number of EPC contractors establishing in the region Qi Energy have developed a simple yet efficient solar mounting system for roof and ground mount. Our systems can be supplied as custom kits designed to suit project conditions or supplied in profile lengths for customization by the customer. Qi’s range of systems has been designed with simplicity and speed of installation in mind and offer a robust locally sourced solution for all of todays mounting challenges

5 Micro wind turbines

In association with City Windmils in the UK, Qi Energy offers these unique vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) designed for commercial and domestic building applications. Our VAWT’s use an engineered directional cowl design that is orientated according to wind direction using a top mounted weather vein. Wind is forced through the VAWT and on to computer modeled composite blades maximizing efficiency.

6 Storage technology

Along with our generation based products we also offer a bespoke range of storage technologies. For decades, storage and power management has been the Achilles heel of wind and solar generation tools. Our latest range of storage technologies are specifically designed to match the generation and discharge characteristics of our products.

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