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Solar operation and maintenance

Qi Energy provides specialist operation and maintenance services to commercial and residential clients. Our experienced teams carry the very latest in cleaning and diagnostic equipment ensuring your cells are operating at their optimum efficiencies at all times. All of our staff are trained O&M professional who only work on solar.

Roof audit

The roof audit service from Qi is designed to support building owners and developers looking at retrofitting solar to an existing roof or car park structure. Our engineers can look at imposed roof loads, trafficability for cleaning, access and safety to assess whether the existing roof is viable. After conducting our comprehensive audit a full report is issued identifying areas of concern and making recommendations. Clients wishing to ensure a new roof mounted system is fit for purpose cab also use the Roof audit service to ensure peace of mind.

Quality lead procurement

In association with Tremayne Solar, Qi Energy provides regional support for owners, developers and EPC contractors who are looking to procure modules from China. Our “Qualitas” programme looks at module BOM’s to ensure the very best regional specification and includes a 100% EL Image review to safeguard against micro cracks. Inspects are carried out during manufacture, pre and post shipping and after installation to maximize module efficiency.

Solar health checks

As part of the Qualitas programme Qi Energy also carry out on site health checks for new and existing module arrays. Using our state of the art mobile lab we can quickly identify a range of issues with modules that could lead to future reductions in efficiencies. Solar health checks are particularly important for investors looking at funding an existing installation or for clients who simply wish to check an EPC contractor’s workmanship.

MIPV integration consultancy

Over the years Qi Energy as developed an intimate understand of solar and in particular thin film flexible technologies. The next generation of CIGS modules makes mobile integration viable for the first time. We work with transport authorities, private companies and vehical owners/operators to design an integrated generation/storage solution for fleets or singular land or water based vehicals.

Air leakage auditing

New to Qi energy is our commercial and residential air leakage audit. Whilst most of our experience comes from the generation industry we are also keen to ensure our clients maximize the efficiencies of their buildings. Using specialist pressure drop testing equipment we can identify the air leakage rates of a building. Using inert, odorless smoke we can also identify where the leaks occur and in most cases fix them making your home much more efficient.

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